7th EPOS IP Project Development Board meeting in Vienna

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7th EPOS IP Project Development Board meeting in Vienna

Vienna, Austria

The EPOS IP Project Development Board (PDB) meeting is scheduled on November the 3rd 2016 at the ARCOTEL Wimberger hotel in Vienna (Austria) just before the Board of Governmental Board meeting.

The PDB members will tackle the following topics:

  • the communication strategy to be adopted with the Board of Governmental Board;
  • the finalization and approval of the presentations to the BGR members such as the EPOS Scientific and Technical Description including status of the EPOS IP project, the EPOS Financial Plan, the reporting on the ICS-C hosting and the EPOS-ERIC Statutes;
  • the role of the PDB during the BGR discussions;
  • the report on the recent EPOS IP meetings with its official board members: the Implementation Phase Council (IPC meeting 5-6 October 2016, in Madrid), the Service Coordination Board (SCB meeting, 7 October in Madrid) and the National Scientific Representatives (BNSR meeting 17-18 october in Dublin.
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