2nd EPOS IP TCS - ICS Integration Workshop in Prague

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2nd EPOS IP TCS - ICS Integration Workshop in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

The EPOS Implementation Phase Project will organise the 2nd EPOS Thematic Core Services (TCS) - Integrated Core Services (ICS) Integration Workshop in the beautiful city of Prague in the week February the 27th - March the 2nd 2017.

The workshop is open to the EPOS TCS and ICS communities as well as to the key partners of the EPOS IP project involved in the implementation phase of this novel infrastructure.

The workshop is dedicated to discuss the achievements in its technical implementation of data and service provision as well as the legal, governance and financial framework to build the infrastructure and open the validation phase of the implemented services.

Communication and training will be also discussed to foster the full exploitation of results.

The participants will discuss issues critical to the fine-tuning of the EPOS work plan after 18 months from the beginning of the Implementation phase.

The programme includes the following topics:

  • Legal (e.g. data policy, service contracts) and Governance (e.g. Consortium Agreements) architecture
  • Financial issues affecting EPOS business plan and TCS costs book
  • Training and Communication of EPOS achievements
  • TCS-ICS Integration: interoperability, use and re-use of accessible data, metadata and service integration at the ICS.

Registration to attend the workshop is now closed.

Please contact the TCS leaders to receive further information for attending the workshop.

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