2nd EPOS IP Advisory Board teleconference, 25 October 2016

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2nd EPOS IP Advisory Board teleconference, 25 October 2016


The EPOS Implementation Phase project Advisory Board (AB) members met on a first teleconference on May 3rd, 2016 and in this occasion established, with the Project Management office, their role, the working methodology as well as the timetable of the next meeting, to be organized in Autumn. Following this timetable the second Advisory Board teleconference is scheduled on 25th October 2016.
The EPOS IP Advisory Board members, who has been selected by the EPOS Project Development Board (PDB) among outstanding scientists, representatives from global scientific projects and managers from private sectors, can give their support, suggestions and comments to the management and governance of the Implementation Phase Project of the EPOS infrastructure.
The EPOS IP project Coordinator and the project Director will discuss with the AB members the progress and the achievements of the EPOS IP project after the first year of the activity.

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