EPOS INFO-DAY outcomes, 29 - 30 May 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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INFO-Day organising committee, Stanka Šebela

ZRC SAZU, Karst Research Institute, Postojna, Slovenia

and the Organising Committee*

The EPOS Newsletter issue 03
July 2018 | Highlights 02

Figure 1. Participants at EPOS INFO-DAY in Ljubljana
Figure 2. Photography mosaic of activities at EPOS INFO-DAY in Ljubljana (photo: Matej Baltnik)

Figure 2. Photography mosaic of activities at EPOS INFO-DAY in Ljubljana (photo: Matej Baltnik)

EPOS INFO-DAY welcomed 52 participants from 14 countries.

  • EPOS community, activities and vision were presented to 5 European countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Rep. of Macedonia, Montenegro), which are not included into EPOS yet.
  • There were 5 participants from University of Trieste and OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale) what was a great opportunity to meet potential partners for future scientific cooperation.
  • Beside 5 members of local co-organizer ZRC SAZU (Slovenia) there were 15 additional participants from EPOS-Slovenia community. This was a first hand opportunity to get informations of state of the art and future development of EPOS, especially related to TCS-Seismology, TCS-GNSS Data & Products, TCS-Geomagnetic Observations and TCS-Geological Information and Modelling.
  • TCS leaders Florian Haslinger (seismology), Pavel Hejda (Geomagnetic Observations), François Robida (Geological Information and Modelling), TCS leader-proxy Rui Cardoso and David Zuliani (GNSS Data & Products) and Grzegorz Lizurek (TCS-Anthropogenic hazard data and services) gave precise talks how each EPOS Research Infrastructure works. Irene Molinari (ETH, Switzerland) presented AlpArray project.
  • Lilli Freda presented vision and mission of EPOS project. Massimo Cocco gave talks on architecture and implementation phase of EPOS, EPOS-ERIC and harmonization with national strategies and priorities.
  • Keith Jeffery presented ICS: a novel approach to support FAIR data principles and scientific recearch and connected with Daniele Bailo (INGV) and Wayne Shelley to present Live demonstrator #EPOS_ICS future infrastructure for EPOS web services platform.
  • Event was followed on and
  • In the evening of 29th May 2018 a visit in Ljubljana downtown related to signs of 1895 earthquake was lead by mag. Ina Cecić (President of European Seismological Commission, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Seismology office). A nice walk after the rainy day in hotel's lecture room and stand-up dinner gave us even more opportunities to exchange ideas between participants.

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*Lilli Freda, Massimo Cocco, Giovanna Maracchia | INGV, Rome, Italy
Grzegorz Lizurek | Institute of Geophysics PAS, Poland