EFEHR Governance: the path to research cooperation and alliance success

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Florian Haslinger,

Laurentiu Danciu

ETHZ, Switzerland

The EPOS Newsletter issue 01
January 2019 | Article 04

EFEHR, the European Services for Seismic Hazard and Risk, third pillar in EPOS Seismology, had yet another good community discussion during the ESC 2018 in Malta. This confirmed the willingness and support of the European seismic hazard community to set up the EFEHR Consortium as appropriate governance structure for EFEHR, as already strongly expressed during the Lenzburg PSHA workshop in 2017. The EFEHR Consortium will ensure an adequate and appropriate link of the European level seismic hazard and risk services to the national seismic hazard and risk communities, and provide oversight and coordination of these services within EPOS Seismology. The establishment of the EFEHR Consortium is now being tackled as coordinated activity between EPOS Seismology and the SERA project. Already for ESC Malta, a draft consortium agreement together with a letter of intent was circulated to the European research institutions and organizations. Comments on the CA text are now being received and processed, and the date for the inaugural EPOS Consortium Assembly will be announced shortly.

How to join EFEHR?
Any research institution, education organizations, engineering associations that support the mission of EFEHR, is welcome to join the consortium by submitting the letter of intent. There is no fees or financial contribution will be payable at this stage and members can leave at any time.

EFEHR will promote, support and advance knowledge, and practice of earthquake disaster risk reduction, particularly focusing on state-of-the-art procedures, transparent and open to access database, promoting new standards of the next generation of seismic hazard and risk models.

EFEHR will be actively supporting the practitioners, engineers as well as panels of experts. Scientifically, the best practice and knowledge exchange within the research community will continue. The support will enable seismic hazard and risk assessment at various scales by promoted standards, state-of-practice procedures and cross-validation. Equally important is to advise industry, as well as national and regional governments within Europe.

For further information on EFEHR contact:

Fabrice Cotton and/or Laurentiu Danciu,