RIDE - Research Infrastrucure Database for EPOS

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The Research Infrastrucure Database for EPOS (RIDE) contains information about Resaerch Infrastructures which are part of EPOS. RIDE does not include scientific data (waveforms, images etc.).

RIDE has 5 main goals:

  1. Show the content of the EPOS integration plan to all stakeholders namely data providers, users from scientific communities, governmental and funding agencies and industry.
  2. Become a tool to provide information to the discovery layer forming the EPOS metadata structure.
  3. Become the tool for EPOS Core Services when they are operational. RIDE will represent a descriptive database to disseminate and facilitate the use of data infrastructures, data products, etc
  4. Integrate technical and financial/legal questionnaires. RIDE is a powerful tool to integrate collected information in an electronic database and to further collect new information. This integration is needed in order to harmonize the work of different WPs in EPOS PP
  5. Facilitate the dissemination of existing data infrastructures For communities with an advanced infrastructure integration. RIDE can promote a discussion within the community to implement the present data infrastructures , it can be a powerful outreach tool also for mature RIs.


The Access to RIDE has been deactivated