Multi-scale Laboratories



EPOS includes a wide range of world-class laboratory infrastructures ranging from high temperature and pressure experimental facilities, to electron microscopy, micro-beam analysis, analogue modeling and paleomagnetic laboratories.

Most data produced by the various laboratory centres and networks are presently available only in limited “final form” in publications. A lot of data remains inaccessible and/or poorly preserved. 

However, the data produced at the participating laboratories is crucial to serving society’s need for geo-resources exploration and for protection against geo-hazards. To model resource formation and system behaviour during exploitation, we need an understanding from the molecular to the continental scale, based on experimental and analytical data. 


  • Collect and harmonise available and emerging laboratory data on the properties and processes controlling rock system behaviour at multiple scales. This is in order to generate products ,accessible and interoperable, through services for supporting research activities.
  • Co-ordinate the development, integration and trans-national usage of the major solid Earth Science laboratory centres and specialist networks. The length scales encompassed by the infrastructures included range from the nano- and micrometer levels (electron microscopy and micro-beam analysis) to the scale of experiments on centimetre-sized samples, and to analogue model experiments simulating the reservoir scale, the basin scale and the plate scale.

Our services ready for 2019

  • Provide products and services supporting research into Geo-resources and Geo-storage, Geo-hazards and Earth System Evolution.

Virtual Access to data/products/services

Through Volcanic ashes and rocks and magmas data; paleomagnetic data; experimental and analogue data (Level 0, 1).

Properties data on rocks, volcanic ashes, magmas and fault rocks; paleomagnetic data; rock physics data and physical analogue modelling repositories (Level 0, 1, 2, 3).

Benchmarking protocols and standard banks.

Trans National Access 

Access to experimental and micro-analytical facilities (e.g. high temperature/high pressure, electron microscopy, micro-beam, analogue modelling, and paleomagnetic laboratories).