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EPOS has identified key target stakeholders as follows


  • Data providers
  • Data users within the solid Earth community
  • Data users outside the solid Earth community
  • IT experts


  • National governments
  • Funding agencies
  • European Commission

Private Sector

  • Industry
  • Small Medium Enterprises


  • Students at any level
  • General public

On one hand, the engagement of such diverse stakeholders requires the adoption of communication policies and interaction strategies appropriate to the stakeholders’ needs. On the other hand, the roadmap to engage the diverse stakeholders must be designed accordingly with the different objectives of the various phases of the EPOS initiative.

Indeed, the main goal of the Preparatory Phase was to firstly inform and then efficiently collaborate in order to deeply involve and engage Data providers, IT experts and National Governments. This is because, during the Preparatory Phase, EPOS needed on the one hand to aggregate and strengthen the very diverse communities belonging to solid Earth science in order to proceed with data and data products integration, while on the other it was to ensure countries’ involvement at governmental level. The approach EPOS had with remaining stakeholders’ categories was then chiefly focused just on informing and consulting them.

In the current Implementation Phase though, EPOS is updating its communication strategy as to fully address the new challenges of effectively integrating data and products, and guaranteeing the full exploitation of such an achievement. To do that the involvement and engagement of further stakeholders such as the private sector, but also the wider civil society is necessary.